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100th NCSS Annual Conference

At-a-Glance Program

Saturday, 5 December
11:00am – 12:00pmGeo Technology Chat Group (NCGE-5)
 Discover History Through the Secret Lives of Objects (Sponsored Session 1)
 Discover History Through the Secret Lives of Objects (Sponsored Session 1)
 History as a Subject and Discipline: Ensuring Content and Skills Breathe the Same Air (Sponsored Session 2)
11:00am – 11:45amWhy Juries Don't Reflect Their Communities: Making Trials Fairer (ABA-NLRE 1)
 Who Gets to Vote? Teaching About Voting Rights (ABA-NLRE 2)
 Why People Count: Activities on U.S. Population and Political Representation (ABA-NLRE 3)
 Before Central High: Telling The Other Arkansas School Integration Stories (ABA-NLRE 4)
 Civics: Meaningful and Active with iCivics (NCSS-Civics/Government 3)
 Social Studies Resource Smackdown (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 4)
 Now We're Talking: Authors Discuss New History Books for Kids (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 5)
 The Law Pathway: Aligned Legal Studies Curriculum for High Schools (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 5)
 Monumental Controversy: Teaching Confederate Monuments (NCSS-US History 3)
 Women's Suffrage Through Primary Sources (NCSS-US History 4)
11:00am – 11:30amBug Appétit: How Insects are Creating Globally Sustainable Foods (Global Studies 1)
 Celebrate K8 Geoliteracy with Virginia's Floor Maps, Atlas and GIS (NCGE-1)
 Sharing Resources: Explore the NCGE Resource Library (NCGE-2)
 Understanding Indigenous Cultures Through Place Names: A Step Towards Decolonization (NCGE-4)
 Models of Citizen Action for Middle School Students (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Local Issues are Hot and Local Government is Cool (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 You Survived Teaching the Elections! Now What? (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Advocating for LGBTQ Students (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 3)
 Teacher Candidates Tackle Myths and Misconceptions Using the C3 Framework (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Teaching in a Tempest (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Building a Modern Classroom: Blended, Self-Paced, Mastery-Based Learning (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Toward Spatial Justice in the Social Studies (Classroom) (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 How Has Monetary Policy Changed Since the Great Recession? (NCSS-Economics)
 Picture Books Can Help Teach Tough Historical and Current Events (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Engaging Civic Literacy Through Project-Based Assessments (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Elementary in DC: Reinvigorating Social Studies in the Nation's Capital (NCSS-Elementary 3)
 Morphology in Social Studies: Increasing Literacy Skills Across Content Areas (NCSS-Literacy)
 College Board AP Psychology Update: What's New for You (NCSS-Psychology)
 Teaching World War I with Immersive Experiences: Where Virtual Reality Meets Reality (NCSS-Technology 1)
 Interjecting into the Narrative: Black Women's Voices Through Primary Documents (NCSS-US History 2)
 The Longest Hatred: A Look at the History of Antisemitism (NCSS-World History)
11:30am – 12:00pmCollaborative Adventures in Elementary Social Studies through Mystery Skypes (NCGE-1)
 Tree Harvesting in the Boreal Forest: A Simulation Workshop (NCGE-2)
 Strategies for Bridging AP Human Geography and AP World History (NCGE-3)
 Canadian Arctic and Climate Change: Sovereignty Challenges Beyond Northwest Passage (NCGE-4)
11:35am – 12:05pmNo More Back Seats: Shifting Black History to the Center of America’s School Curriculum (Curriculum & Instruction 6)
 Using Our Own Agency: Creating an Action Plan for Change (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Presidential Powers: Teaching the Executive Branch (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 U.S. Census: Engross and Engage Students with Flexible Primary Sources (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Suspicious Minds: Tackling Conspiracy Theories in the Classroom (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 3)
 Teaching the Election of 1860 Using the Inquiry Design Model (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Fostering Dialogue in Divisive Times with Current Events (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Social Studies, Blended Learning, Innovation, and You (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Shifting the Narrative Through Native-Centered Curriculum (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 How Can Economics Illuminate Students' Historical Understanding? (NCSS-Economics)
 Behind the Headlines: Teach Kids How News Writers Make Choices (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Wonder and Agency: Reading About the Environment with K-3 Learners (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 A War on an Idea: Extremism in Context (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 The Heart of History is Story: Writing About Primary Sources (NCSS-Literacy)
 Utilizing Peer Reviewed Research as a Primary Source Document (NCSS-Psychology)
 Inquiry-Based Learning at Its Best Using Digital Museum Resources (NCSS-Technology 1)
 The Citizenship Project: Active Citizenship in Historical Context (NCSS-US History 1)
 Participating in a Legacy: A Declaration of Independence Timeline (NCSS-US History 2)
 The Place of the Korean War in World History (NCSS-World History)
12:00pm – 1:00pmGeography and Social Justice Discussion  (NCGE-4)
12:00pm – 12:50pmYou Have Dysentery: Reframing Western Expansion (NCGE-1)
 AP Human Geography AP Classroom strategies, functionality, and Unit 3, Cultural Patterns and Process (NCGE-2)
 Developing Digital Citizenship Using OpenStreetMapping (NCGE-5)
12:00pm – 12:30pmMeet the Editors: Journal of Geography and The Geography Teacher (NCGE-2)
12:30pm – 1:00pmGeopolitics in Northeast Asia: Islands and Sea Names (NCGE-6)
1:00pm – 2:00pmAPHG Discussion Group (NCGE-3)
 Advancing Social Justice with Living History (Sponsored Session 1)
 APHG Free-Response Questions: Tips for Success (Sponsored Session 2)
1:00pm – 1:50pmWanted! Geography Explorers! (NCGE-1)
 Integrating NASA Technologies Through the GLOBE AREN Project (NCGE-2)
 Exploring the Geography of Genocide Through Inquiry (NCGE-4)
 Linking Geography Teaching to Student Aspirations, Goals, and Careers (NCGE-5)
1:00pm – 1:45pmTeaching World Constitutions: Lesson Plans for the Classroom (ABA-NLRE 1)
 Challenge of Democracy: Effective Use of Civil Conversations/Simulations (ABA-NLRE 2)
 Preview of the Supreme Court Term (ABA-NLRE 3)
 Responsible Government and Teaching Canada's Constitutional Democracy (ABA-NLRE 4)
 Making Landmark Cases Come Alive with Inquiry and Primary Sources (NCSS-Civics/Government 3)
 Engage with Award-Winning Global Children's and Youth Literature (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 4)
 IWitness: Connecting Past and Present-Day Events with Testimony (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 5)
 Teachers and Teens Creating Educational Resources for Museum Exhibits (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 5)
 Bringing History to Life: Engaging Students with Living History (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 6)
 Historical Comics, Yellow Journalism, and the Media Today (NCSS-Literacy)
 Transforming Learning Experiences and Collaboration Through Technology and Digital Presentation (NCSS-Technology 2)
 Can Historical Thinking Be Assessed on a Statewide Summative Assessment? (NCSS-US History 3)
 Life During World War II: Using Artifacts to Understand History (US History 4)
1:00pm – 1:30pmConfronting Discrimination: Exploring Germany Using the Inquiry Design Model (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Speak Truth To Power: Education About and For Human Rights (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 Creating Access to Learning Through Visual Thinking Skills (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Reading, Writing, and Reflecting: Creating Environmentally Conscious Classrooms Through Discussion (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 Eight Easy Steps to Crafting Quality Assessment Items (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 3)
 Warrior Spirit: Honoring the Native American Veteran Experience (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 The Case Method and the History of American Democracy (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Low Prep, High Value Strategies to Create Engaging Citizens (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Teachers, Fear Not! Teach About Religion with Constitutionally Sound Pedagogy (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 A Localized Look At Personal Finance (NCSS-Economics)
 Even "Good" Readers Struggle: Addressing Challenges of Social Studies Text (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 The Culturally Competent Classroom: Making Global Connections Through Picture Books (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Introducing Inquiry in the Elementary Classroom: Equipping Young Student Historians! (NCSS-Elementary 3)
 Inquiry-Based Global Learning in the K-12 Social Studies Classroom (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 ACEs: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma-Informed Education at Schools (NCSS-Sociology)
 Virtual Reality: Google Expeditions Bring Social Studies to Life (NCSS-Technology 1)
 How to Make Amends: A Lesson on Reparations (NCSS-US History 1)
 Women & the American Story: Growth and Turmoil, 1948-1973 (NCSS-US History 2)
 Scale Switching – Using Graphic Biographies to Teach World History (NCSS-World History)
1:35pm – 2:05pmMy Government and Their Government: 2020 in U.S.A. & Germany (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Cultivating Citizenship by Connecting Classrooms (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 Writing the Past, Changing the Future: Tulsa 1921 and Beyond (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Storypath: Making a Difference—The Mountain Gorillas and Climate Change (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 Teaching with Testimony: Cultivating Empathy in Students Through Storytelling (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 3)
 #NotYourMascot: Be an Ally Creating Meaningful Change in Your School (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Hey, Introverts Have a Voice Too! (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 BREAKOUT! (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Including the Diverse Faces of Arab Americans in the Curriculum (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 Using Critical Literacy Practices to Teach Civic Dispositions (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Moon to Mars! Connecting the Social Studies and Space Exploration (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Using Inquiry to Explore Powerful Images with TCI (NCSS-Elementary 3)
 Ditch the Textbook to Build Global Civic Literacy (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 10 Tech Tools Take Primary Sources to Top SAMR Levels (NCSS-Technology 1)
 Honoring Silenced Voices of the Past Through Character Presentations (NCSS-US History 1)
 Colonial Encounters: Teaching Diverse Women's Experiences of the American Past (NCSS-US History 2)
 Teaching World History with Effective Formative Assessments (NCSS-World History)
1:50pm – 2:20pmUsing a "Rule of Law Springboard" (NLRE 1)
 Constitution Rights: Origins and Travels (NLRE 2)
 Street Law: Practical Legal Education In The Classroom (NLRE 3)
3:30pm – 4:00pmDon’t Neglect Your Neighbor: Teach Canada! (NCGE-1)
 iScore5 - AP Test Prep for the 21st Century (NCGE-3)
 Fight for Geography Education: Messages for state and local advocacy (NCGE-4)
 Maps 101 (NCGE-5)
4:00pm – 5:00pmAsking, visualizing, and answering questions with real-world data (NCGE-2)
 How Can Explorers, Educators, and Ecoblitz Empower Eco-Literate Global Citizens? (NCGE-6)
 Fostering Student Conversations Through Anti-Racism in Secondary Social Studies (Sponsored Session 1)
4:00pm – 4:50pmAPHG Urban Geography Concepts: Up close in Washington DC (NCGE-3)
 Geography Activities for a Sustainable and Just World (NCGE-4)
4:00pm – 4:45pmWhen is the Government Justified in Limiting Freedom of Association? (ABA-NLRE 1)
 Beyond Suffrage: American Women after the 19th Amendment (ABA-NLRE 2)
 SCOTUS Now: Teaching a Current Supreme Court Case (ABA-NLRE 3)
 What is Genocide? Using Law-Related Case Studies in the Classroom (ABA-NLRE 4)
 Striving for Social Justice in Online Educational Marketplaces: Recommendations for Teacher Buyers and Sellers (Cross-Disciplinary 5)
 Defining "Equal Protection": Origins and Legacy of the 14th Amendment (NCSS-Civics/Government 3)
 You've Got Issues…You Just Didn't Know It (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 4)
 Take Psychology With You: Developing Skills for Life (NCSS-Psychology)
 Crowdsourcing Tech Tools (NCSS-Technology 2)
 Teaching SNCC: The Heart of the Civil Rights Movement (NCSS-US History 3)
4:00pm – 4:30pmActive Learning in World History: Effective Strategies for ELLs
 TED Masterclass: Create Your Own TED Talk (Curriculum & Instruction 6)
 Active Learning Simulations Can Be Virtual Too! (Economics)
 NCGE- Elementary Discussion Group (NCGE-1)
 The Great Migration (NCGE-2)
 Civics, Games, and Access for ALL (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Constitution, Contest, Civil Civic Conversation (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 FEE in the Classroom--Free Workshops for Teachers and Students (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 You Can't Say That in School ... Can You? (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 The Roots Project: Black Girls' Journeys Into Their Personal Pasts (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 3)
 Using Structured Academic Controversies to Teach Claim and Counterclaim Writing (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Transforming Wonder into Knowledge (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Spill the TEA! Evaluate, Analyze, and Write About Online Sources (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Using Digital Citizenship to Inspire Civil Discourse (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 Primary Sources, Multi-Media, and Text: Maximizing Inquiry, Understanding and Engagement (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 5)
 Take Action!: Teaching Biographies About Women Who Have. (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Exploring Race and Racism Through Print and Non-Print Texts (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Challenging Immigration Myths in a Social Studies Classroom (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 Making Sense of News Media Bias: A New Approach (NCSS-Literacy)
 The Power of Place-Based Storytelling with Google Earth (NCSS-Technology 1)
 Journalism Matters: News Stories That Shaped American History (NCSS-US History 1)
 Diversity and the Census Bureau (US History 2)
4:30pm – 5:15pmJapan's 3.11 Triple Disaster: Why it Matters; Why it's Worth Teaching 10 Years Later (NCSS-Global Studies 2)
4:30pm – 5:00pmNCGE (NCGE-1)
 Exploring Germany 30 Years After Reunification Using Inquiry Design (NCGE-2)
4:35pm – 5:05pmConfronting Trauma in Action-Based, Anti-Racist Social Studies Classes (Curriculum & Instruction 6)
 It Makes Sense Now! The Best AP U.S. Government Clips (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Vote Smart: Facts Matter (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 From Quest to Test: Preparing Your Students for Document-Based Analysis (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Empowering Students to Take Control of Their Social Media Feeds (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 Raising the Bar: Teaching History and Controversy Using SCOTUS Cases (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Listen Up: Using Podcasts and Public Radio in Your Classroom (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Celebrating NCSS's 100th with 100 Ways to Spark Student Engagement (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Transforming Object-Based Learning Into Civic Engagement (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 Personal Finance Education In Under 10 Mins! (NCSS-Economics)
 Where My Girls At? Children's Literature About Women of Color (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Confirmation Bias: Teaching Metacognition and Content Through Media Literacy (NCSS-Literacy)
 Active Learning with GeoFRED Data (NCSS-Technology 1)
 All is Not Quiet Along the DMZ: Teaching About Korea (NCSS-World History)
4:45pm – 5:30pmCreating a Human Rights Education Culture in Your City (ABA-NLRE 1)
 Pledging Allegiance: Exploring the Daily Patriotic Exercise (ABA-NLRE 2)
5:00pm – 5:30pmUsing the Case of Hurricane Harvey to Build Spatial Skills (NCGE-2)
 Scarcity of Space: Geographic and Economic Decision-Making (NCGE-3)
 Is the "New Latinx South" New? A Primary Source (Spatial)Investigation (NCGE-4)
 The Why of Mapping: OpenStreetMapping in the Middle East (NCGE-5)
Sunday, 6 December
11:00am – 12:00pmAlliance Discussion Group (NCGE-4)
11:00am – 11:30amActivity-based Environmental Education in Middle School Classroom (NCGE-1)
 "This Is How We Do It": Successful Geography Classroom Strategies (NCGE-2)
 National Geographic MapMaker: A Cross-Curricular Interactive Mapping Ecosystem (NCGE-5)
 Integration: It's Elementary! (NCSS-Elementary 1)
11:15am – 12:15pmOvercoming Polarization Through Better Conversations (Sponsored Session 1)
 The Future of Financial Education (Sponsored Session 2)
11:15am – 12:00pmFrom Courts to Classrooms: Teaching Equity/Social Justice Through Law (ABA-NLRE 1)
 Electoral College Controversies: Deepening Student Understanding of an Imperfect System (ABA-NLRE 2)
 What Police Do and Why They Do It (ABA-NLRE 3)
 Assimilate: The Historical Challenges Facing Immigrants Coming to America (ABA-NLRE 4)
 Equity and Activism in Children's Literature: A Conversation with Authors (Literacy)
 Equity and Activism in Children's Literature: A Conversation with Authors (Literacy)
 Teaching Difficult Constitutional Issues Through Close Reading and Civil Dialogue (NCSS-Civics/Government 3)
 It Can't Happen Here: Democracy and the Rise of Strongmen (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 4)
 Making Inquiry Possible: A Documentary on the Inquiry Ecosystem (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 5)
 Opening the Classroom Door: Using Online Platforms to Develop Instruction (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 5)
 Stronger Together: Partnerships and Strategies to Strengthen Ethnic Studies Curricula (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 6)
 EcoDetectives: Economics and Science Investigate Environmental Crimes (NCSS-Economics)
 The Inquiry Journey: How Students Read and Learn from Sources (NCSS-Literacy)
 Technology Town Hall (NCSS-Technology 2)
11:15am – 11:45amTalking About Race in the Classroom (Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Talking About Race in the Classroom (Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Support the Vote! Work the Polls! (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 News Views: Exploring Media Bias with Impeachment Headlines (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 Silenced Innovators: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum with Women's History (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Increase Student Engagement with Passion Projects (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 Making the Abstract Concrete: ELL Modification for High Level Content (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 History Choice Projects: Igniting a Passion for Social Studies (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Universal Design Learning in the Social Studies Classroom (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 Teaching Hard History Through Critical Inquiry in the Elementary Classroom (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Aurora Speaks: Understanding Genocide Through a Woman's Experience (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 Remembering What You Know: Psychology and AP Psychology Review Strategies (NCSS-Psychology)
 GooseChase, a Primary Source and Historic Location Digital Scavenger Hunt (NCSS-Technology 1)
 Document-Based Unit Planning: Constructing Disciplinary and Critical Local History Plans (NCSS-US History 1)
 Impacting Learning Through the Use of Primary Sources (NCSS-US History 2)
 Using Memorials to Teach Contested History (NCSS-World History)
11:30am – 12:30pmBuilding local geospatial inquiries for your students using ArcGIS Online (NCGE-5)
11:30am – 12:00pmCultivating a Lifelong Explorer Mindset through Student-Led Inquiry (NCGE-1)
 Issues, Images, and Imagination: Applying Geographic Content to Visual Media and Global Happenings (NCGE-2)
11:50am – 12:20pmTeach with FRONTLINE and PBS LearningMedia (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 Digging into Cross-Disciplinary Social Studies Experiences at James Madison's Montpelier (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 How To Teach Climate Change in High School Social Studies (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 Social Studies and Social-Emotional Learning: You CAN Teach Both (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Inquiry for Every Student: Culturally Responsive Instruction in Social Studies (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Huzzah for Primary Sources! (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Formative Assessment – So What? Now What? (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 SEL Activities to Promote Global Citizenship & Global Learning (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Journey Boxes: Engaging Histories of Communities of Color & Women (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Teaching About Central America: History and Literature of the Region (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 Ready, Set, Sports Psychology! A Mini-Unit (NCSS-Psychology)
 Enduring Honor: Place-Based Digital Engagement at America's National Cemeteries (NCSS-Technology 1)
 Cultivating Historical Thinking Through Student-Led Discussions (NCSS-US History 1)
 Exploring Perspective with Primary Sources from The Library of Congress (NCSS-US History 2)
 Artwork and Testimony as Primary Source (NCSS-World History)
1:00pm – 1:50pmIntegrating UN Sustainable Development Goals in Human and Physical Geography Courses (NCGE-2)
 Candy Bombers: Teaching about Coordinates, Children, and Chocolates with Technology (NCGE-3)
 Fighting Racial Violence Then and Now: The Legacy of Lynching (NCGE-4)
1:00pm – 1:45pmReal Talk: Contextualizing Injustice with Students (ABA-NLRE 2)
 Illustrating the Constitution: Teaching Civics Through Graphic Novels (ABA-NLRE 3)
 Teach the Women's Suffrage Movement with American Experience and PBS LearningMedia (ABA-NLRE 4)
 U.S. Health Crises and Health Inequities Since 1900 (ABA-NLRE2)
 Designing & Implementing a Social Justice Course for High School Students (NCSS-Civics/Government 3)
 Forming Compelling Questions: The C3 Arc In Action (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 4)
 The United Nations & "The Human Rights Game" (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 5)
 Visual Inquiry Activity Structures and Scaffolds for Middle School Classrooms (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 5)
 Engaging Multilingual Learners in High Language Expectations for Social Studies (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 6)
 Every Kid Outdoors: History, Not Just Hiking, in National Parks (NCSS-Elementary 3)
 Livestream Tech Slam (NCSS-Technology 2)
 Teaching a People's History of the March on Washington (NCSS-US History 3)
 Teaching African American and Latinx History Through Visual Primary Sources (NCSS-US History 4)
1:00pm – 1:30pmGive Your Students the Power to Change Their World (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Authentic Assessment of Civic Learning: Youth Voice Showcases (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 New Resources for Teaching About China Through Art (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Young People & Humanitarianism: Engaging Student Voice and Agency (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 Disrupting Their Thinking: An Inquiry into Redlining, Politics, and Race (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Questions are the New Answers: Social Studies Inquiry 2.0 (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 We've Got Issues, Too! Technology Options for Issues-Centered Classrooms (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 (Re)Visualizing Nature in Social Studies (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 Project-Based Learning in Economics: Mastering Economic Concepts Through Personalized Application (NCSS-Economics)
 Simple Routines to Deepen Students' Thinking with Primary Sources (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Intentional Elementary Social Studies: Using Culturally Relevant Primary Sources (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Teaching About the Syrian Civil War: Origins and Consequences (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 Show AND Tell: Infographics as Teaching Tools (NCSS-Literacy)
 Emotion, Oxytocin, and Oral Histories: StoryCorps and Psychology (NCSS-Psychology)
 Podcasting in the Classroom: A Beginner's Guide (NCSS-Technology 1)
 Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful? A Case Study Inquiry (NCSS-US History 1)
 Social Movements and the Legacy of the American Revolution: 1920-2020 (NCSS-US History 2)
 Middle Eastern Voices from World War I: Useful Primary Sources (NCSS-World History)
1:35pm – 2:05pmFoundations of Democracy: American Civics Through Constitutional Principles (NCSS-Civics/Government 1)
 Civics vs "Citizenship" (NCSS-Civics/Government 2)
 Freight Cars and Mail Orders: Measuring the Great Depression (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 1)
 Elevate Student Voice Through the World Food Prize Global Challenge (NCSS-Cross-Disciplinary 2)
 Indigenous Wisdom: Curriculum Development Using Indigenous Perspectives (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 1)
 Using Universal Design to Support Inquiry Design for All Learners (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 2)
 Flip Your Social Studies Classroom with Innovative Technology Tools (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 3)
 Releasing the Power of Picture Books in Middle School Classrooms (NCSS-Curriculum & Instruction 4)
 Engaging and Fun Interactive Lessons on Globalization, Robots, and You (NCSS-Economics)
 Teaching Elementary Civics in a Partisan World: Government Sans Politics (NCSS-Elementary 1)
 Sacagawea: Beyond Interpreter and Guide (NCSS-Elementary 2)
 Goaaaaal! Explore North America's Human & Physical Geography via Sports (NCSS-Global Studies 1)
 Psychology in Action: Civic Engagement in the Psychology Classroom (NCSS-Psychology)
 Not Becoming History: Digital Gaming in the Social Studies Classroom (NCSS-Technology 1)
 Transforming History Curriculum by Integrating Diverse Voices of America's Past (NCSS-US History 1)
 Curate in the Classroom: The Jim Crow Era (NCSS-US History 2)
 Teaching Difficult Histories: The Nanjing Atrocities in the Classroom (NCSS-World History)
3:30pm – 4:00pmFrom Classroom to Continent: Engaging Remote Schoolyards with Habitat Boxes (NCGE-1)
 Resources, Lesson Plans, and Maps Oh My! (NCGE-2)
 Building Skills in Geography: Analyzing the Cultural Landscape of Korea (NCGE-3)
 Geographic Tools and American Indian Studies (NCGE-4)
 Geospatial Science as a VoTech Educational Opportunity (NCGE-5)
 Reading a Landscape: Field Work Activity for Geography Students (NCGE-6)
4:00pm – 4:30pmActive Learning Simulations Can Be a Virtual Too!
 The whys of where: Empowering geography instruction with geo-computational thinking (NCGE-1)
 Exploring Population and Economic Development in Korea (NCGE-3)
 Increasing Course Skills in APHG using the National Atlas of Korea (NCGE-4)
 Using the Japan Disasters Digital Archive (JDA) in the Classroom (NCGE-4)
4:30pm – 5:00pmMaps, Drones, Play-Doh, Legos - 7th Grade Students Making a Difference (NCGE-1)
5:00pm – 5:30pmIntegrating Archaeology, “MyMaps” and Video to Spark Student (NCGE-1)


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