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100th NCSS Annual Conference

TED Talks Proceedings

Democracy in Crisis: Is It Our Fault?
Amit Kobrowski

History Just Keeps Getting Longer
Rachel Hansen

How to Teach Fluency at Every Grade Level
Manu Sikka

Language Arts in the Social Studies: Why Literacy Is About More than Just Reading 
Donetta Elsasser

Let American Indians Evolve
Shana Brown

Music in the Social Studies Classroom: Historical Empathy, Assessment, and Meaning-Making
Joseph Adragna

The Layer Cake: A Visual Design for Evidence-Based Arguments 
John Authur

The Other 99%
Ane Lintvedt

What My Biracial Daughters Taught Me About the Power of My White-ness in the Classroom
Leslie Pralle Osborn

Who's Telling the Story?: Having Difficult Conversations with Student
Christina Torres


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