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100th NCSS Annual Conference

Elementary Proceedings

Behind the Headlines: Teach Kids How News Writers Make Choices
Audra Wallace

Even "Good" Readers Struggle: Addressing Challenges of Social Studies Text
Jennifer Altieri

Exploring Race and Racism Through Print and Non-Print Texts
Micha Jeffries, Drinda Benge

Intentional Elementary Social Studies: Using Culturally Relevant Primary Sources
Jessica Ellison, Angela Bianco

Journey Boxes: Engaging Histories of Communities of Color & Women
Katherina Payne, Erin Green, Melissa Rojas Williams

Moon to Mars! Connecting the Social Studies and Space Exploration
Lori Meier

Teaching Elementary Civics in a Partisan World: Government Sans Politics
Kitty Felde

The Culturally Competent Classroom: Making Global Connections Through Picture Books
Sigita Newsom

Using Inquiry to Explore Powerful Images with TCI
Brian Thomas

Where My Girls At? Children's Literature About Women of Color
Noreen Rodriguez, Amanda Vickery

Wonder and Agency: Reading About the Environment with K-3 Learners
Valerie Walker


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