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100th NCSS Annual Conference

Curriculum & Instruction Proceedings

(Re)Visualizing Nature in Social Studies
Morgan Tate

Chuck Taft

Celebrating NCSS's 100th with 100 Ways to Spark Student Engagement
Michelle Cude, Ashley Jaffee, Alicen Brown, Melissa Davenport

Disrupting Their Thinking: An Inquiry into Redlining, Politics, and Race
Molly Schneider, Amy Myers, Beth Walsh-Moorman

Hey, Introverts Have a Voice Too!
Lindsey Charron

Making the Abstract Concrete: ELL Modification for High Level Content
Sante Mastriana

No More Back Seats: Shifting Black History to the Center of America’s School Curriculum
Alysha Butler

Shifting the Narrative Through Native-Centered Curriculum
Meadow Wiggington, Shawn Ralston

Stronger Together: Partnerships and Strategies to Strengthen Ethnic Studies Curricula
Philippa Rappoport, David Colon, Maritza De La Trinidad, Francisco Guajardo, Chris Milk Bonilla, Lilliana Saldana

Teacher Candidates Tackle Myths and Misconceptions Using the C3 Framework
Karla Ontiveros- Karr

Teachers, Fear Not! Teach About Religion with Constitutionally Sound Pedagogy
Gayle Pagnoni, LaChardra McBride

Teaching in a Tempest
Emma Humphries, Karalee Nakatsuka, Shannon Salter Burghardt, Jenifer Hitchcock

Teaching the Election of 1860 Using the Inquiry Design Model
Elizabeth Barrow

TED Masterclass: Create Your Own TED Talk
Logan Smalley

Toward Spatial Justice in the Social Studies (Classroom)
Kaitlin Popielarz, Timothy Monreal

Universal Design Learning in the Social Studies Classroom
Collin Mehta

Using Structured Academic Controversies to Teach Claim and Counterclaim Writing
Sarah Poole


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