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100th NCSS Annual Conference

Cross-Disciplinary Proceedings

Confronting Trauma in Action-Based, Anti-Racist Social Studies Classes
Adina Goldstein

Eight Easy Steps to Crafting Quality Assessment Items
Kadie Patterson

Increase Student Engagement with Passion Projects
Sarah Bayer

Silenced Innovators: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum with Women's History
Haley Hewitt, Cassandra Montalto

Striving for Social Justice in Online Educational Marketplaces: Recommendations for Teacher Buyers and Sellers
Lauren Harris, Leanna Archambault, Catharyn Shelton

The Roots Project: Black Girls' Journeys Into Their Personal Pasts
Tamika Williams

U.S. Census: Engross and Engage Students with Flexible Primary Sources
Lauren Mosley

You Survived Teaching the Elections! Now What?
Carrie Ray-Hill


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